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A quick, easy & cheap way to get your own email address for your mailing list and still use Gmail

A quick, easy & cheap way to get your own email address for your mailing list and still use Gmail

So chances are you’ve probably seen by now that some changes to Gmail means it’s a bad idea to keep using them for your mailing lists. Basically, using your gmail emails is now going to get pretty much all your emails sent to the spam box.


But what do you do if you don’t really care about having your own website, but still want to have your own email that’s pretty easy to use?

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial. This method will cost you around $10 a year, but looks more professional than having a email address (which is also, as far as I’m aware, a totally valid method to getting around the whole gmail thing).

The way this method works is it will forward the emails from your new email address to your old gmail address. When you respond to people, they will get emails from your address, but that’s fine, because the only thing you really need the new email address for is your newsletter.

Now, without any further ado, since I know I sometimes tend to ramble, here are the instructions:


Step 1: register a domain with

First, go to

Now, when you’re on the main site, you want to choose your author website name. The number one, 100% best name to get is

Always buy a .com domain. Even if the .com is taken but .net is available, don’t. People are so used to typing .com now that they’re not going to remember that your website is a .net.

If is taken, try Or

At least one of those three should be available. Click “Add to Cart” and then go to checkout.

Now, when you’re in your cart on, you’ll notice that whois privacy has been added for $3.99. DO NOT TURN THIS OFF. You absolutely want whois privacy on all your domains, it hides the information of the person who registered the domain from the public. Basically, if you don’t have whois protection, anybody with an internet connection can look up your real name and address.

However there’s no reason to pay $3.99 for this. So click the button for Promo Code, and in the window that appears enter ‘PRIVACYPLEASE’ and will give you the whois protection for free.

Then enter your payment info, and buy your domain.

When you’ve bought your domain, you should be taken to your dashboard, which should look something like this:

Click the domain name you just bought. On the right hand side, you should see a menu bar like this one:

Click the “email forwarding” button.

In the “email” section, type the email address you want to use. So, if your domain is and you want your email address to be, simply type “john” in the email box. Then, in the “forward to” box, type in your existing email address.

Click “add record” and you’re done! From now on, any time anyone emails this new email address you created, it will forward your emails to your existing email account. Easy, right?

And you’re done! Congratulations.

Note: Gmail does have a “send email as” function in the account settings that lets you choose which email account you use to send your emails from. DO NOT USE THIS WITH YOUR REAL NAME EMAIL. Some older versions of Outlook let people see all the email addresses associated with that account. For this reason, I haven’t included the instructions to use this method in this post at all.

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