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Why I recommend MailerLite for your email lists

Why I recommend MailerLite for your email lists

When it comes to author mailing lists, there are two major programs that most authors seem to use: Mailchimp, and MailerLite. I have paid accounts with both.

Honestly, I’m a way bigger fan of MailerLite. It does have its drawbacks, but the bigger your list gets, the more it’s worth working around those limitations and sucking it up, because the pricing differences become massive.


Now, I’ll be totally honest here, Mailchimp looks like the more promising option when you’re just getting started. And to be honest, I think that’s how they get people.

With MailerLite you get your first 1000 subscribers for free.

With MailChimp, you get your first 2000 subscribers for free.

So at first glance, especially when you’re just getting started, I wouldn’t blame you for going “hey I’ll sign up with MailChimp. After all, it might take me a while to get to 2000 subscribers, that’s double the number of people I can have on my MailerLite list before I have to pay for it.”

But you pay a lot more in the long term. Have a look at MailerLite’s pricing:

Now compare that to MailChimp’s pricing:

5200 subscribers with MailChimp costs the same amount as 25000 subscribers with MailerLite.

You might not think 5000 subscribers is something you’ll ever get to, but believe me, it adds up faster than you might think, especially once you start actively building up your mailing list.

I also find the MailerLite interface to be cleaner, quicker loading, and easier to make email campaigns with.

Now, there are some major downsides to MailerLite though. For one thing, if you have multiple pen names, their list sorting options are very limited. You can split your subscribers into different groups, but honestly, their list sorting really leaves something to be desired. Until recently, myself and a lot of people I know would actually just start new accounts for each list since that was easiest, but MailerLite have decided they don’t allow that anymore. Huge bummer!

I personally still use them though. The list sorting is a bit of a pain, but it’s still manageable, and seeing as it saves me tons of money every month, I think it’s worth a little bit of hassle here and there.

So there’s my reasoning for going with MailerLite. It’s almost (but not entirely) price-based, but that makes such a major difference I think it’s worth it. Full disclosure: there aren’t any affiliate links in this post, I don’t get anything from MailerLite for recommending them. I honestly just find them to be the cheapest and easiest option for making my newsletters for my readers.

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