How to make your blurbs look 1000% more awesome on Amazon

So you’ve read my guide on writing blurbs that sell, and you’ve got a killer blurb at the ready. Your cover’s on point, your book is ready, and you’re about to rock the self-publishing world with your new release.

Now I’m going to show you a trick to take your blurbs to the next level.

When you just publish your book normally, your blurbs tend to look something like this:

And sure, this is fine. It’s acceptable in most cases. But there’s a super easy way to make your blurbs stand out even more. And remember – the more your blurbs stand out, the easier they are to read, the more likely you are to get your readers to click that buy button.

Do you find it easier to read the blurb as it’s shown above, or easier to read this one?

Yeah, that second one not only looks a lot better, but it’s easier to read.

And all I did was use some simple HTML. And what’s even better: Amazon supply a list of the HTML they allow you to use in blurbs. Click here to look at the full list of available HTML tags you can use in your blurbs.

To close the tag, you just put the same thing as the opening tag, but with a slash mark added to it.

So to bold something, you start it off with <b>Then you write what you want in bold here.</b> And then everything from here on in will no longer be bold, because you closed the bold tag with the </b> mark.

How to preview your blurb to make sure you did it right

If you’re not used to using HTML tags you might be a bit nervous about adding them straight into your blurbs and then hitting publish without being able to preview properly.

Well, not to worry! You can use this tool to create your blurbs with all the formatting, then just copy/paste the code into the description slot when creating your book.

I don’t know who it is who made that tool, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to call them a true American hero. Even if they aren’t American.

There’s only one thing to note with the tool: if you use the header options (<h1> <h2>…) they show up as being orange text in the preview. This is how they used to appear in blurbs, and then about a year ago or so (it might have been longer… I’m so old!) Amazon changed their code, so now it appears as bolded text, but still in black in the descriptions.

Now go out there and make your blurbs gorgeous! Don’t forget to look at how bestsellers in your genre use the different formatting options and try to keep yours in line with that… after all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Happy blurbing!

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